SMA Sunny Boy 2.5 solar inverter

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SB 2.5-1VL-40

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New generation solar power system

Sunny Boy 2.5 is a great new generation inverter for households, allowing to maximise the use of their small solar power systems. It increases the viability of solar energy option for the homes.
The new features of Sunny Boy 2.5 inverter make its installation very easy and allow to utilize even more of the solar power (in the household) for multiple purposes. Commissioning the inverter is now a simple task thanks to its advanced design and user-friendly connection system. The required limitation can be adjusted, as the Sunny Boy 2.5 instantly communicates with the SMA Energy Meter.
Due to its advanced design with easy DC and AC connections the Sunny Boy 2.5 can be seamlessly installed in a required location. Its mounting on the wall has been simplified to just using two screws and no additional support. The settings of the Sunny Boy 2.5 can be controlled at any time via integrated user interface (Web UI), and its functioning can be easily monitored without any specialist knowledge or service.

- Rapid commissioning with the intuitive Web UI
-Easy installation and an intelligent connection concept
-Broad input voltage range 
-Flexibility in choice of module

Designed to perform its function best, the Sunny Boy 2.5 benefits from visually attractive and convenient user interface (Web UI), accessible via any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Its system communication can be easily observed by the user via online or local network, and a choice of Sunny Places or Sunny Portal websites.

-New communication concept thanks to Web UI
-System data monitoring possible on all smartphones and tablets
-Choose between local and online monitoring via Sunny Portal and Sunny Places
-Factory-integrated Ethernet and WLAN interface
-Professional Monitoring via Webconnect with the Sunny Portal Professional Package

Identify your individual needs

SUNNY DESIGN allows to use individual energy data to calculate and identify the most suitable energy solutions for each customer, depending on their needs.

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